Benjamin Canterbury (father)

Samara Swearengin (mother)


Matthew Shockey (step brother)

Talon Shockey (step brother)

Adrianna Canterbury (haf sister)

Khrysta Swearengin (half sister)

Logan Swearengin (step brother)

Avery Swearengin (step brother)

Isaiah Swearengin (step brother)

Step Father: Donald Swearengin
Step Mother: Leigh Canterbury

Noah Benjamin Canterbury

July 15, 2004

Beckley, WV


Randall Canterbury (via Benjamin)

Melody Canterbury (via Benjamin)

Gary Cooper (via Samara)

Ersie Hanshew (via Samara)

Uncles: Thomas Canterbury (via Benjamin)
Aunts: None

Biography Edit

Noah Benjamin Canterbury was born on July 15, 2004 (age 12) in Beckley, West Virginia. He is the child of Benjamin Canterbury and Samara Swearengin.

Timeline Edit

  • 2004- Born on July 15 in Beckley, WV
  • 2007- Half Sister, Adrianna Ray, born on August 1, in Beckley, WV
  • 2008- Half Sister, Khrysta, born in July

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